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Bela Siol Oracle Decks

BELA SiOL oracle decks


About Me

I'm Bela Siol,  a pagan priestess, intuitive medium, psychic reader, spiritual advisor, and creatrix of oracle decks. 

I'm here to share all my knowledge and wisdom and support you through your spiritual awakening, self-knowledge, and self-empowerment journey. 

As an oracle decks creatrix, I work with the cards for divination, but especially to bring awareness and guidance. Some of my decks are inspired by the feminine divine archetypes and explore the myths and symbology of the goddesses.

 I believe the future is made of choices, that it's full of opportunities and that we are powerful beings with dormant skills waiting to be awaken in order to create a better reality. 

By using my oracle cards, my psychic skills, my experience, my wisdom as a pagan priestess, and my coaching knowledge, I can support you through your magic journey of self-discovery. 

As a pagan priestess, I offer magic training, because magic is a phenomenal tool of self-knowledge that can support you in manifesting your goals, in reaching happiness and finding deeper meanings in life.


What I can do for you

My goals are to empower people, to reveal their beauty and power, and to strengthen their will and inner truth. 

My mission is to help people to connect to themselves and to the universal creative forces, and be able to make better decisions and take control about their future, because the future is not an immutable omen, but a daily construction. 

I welcome everyone interested in exploring magic to improve their lives. I'm willing to share all the lessons that I've been learned through more than a decade as a pagan priestess and a magic practitioner. 

I invite you to awake your power and to become more conscious about who you are, to explore your potential and to align yourself with the flow of the Universe. 


Because I believe real knowledge is always inclusive and that wisdom is universal, I developed my services in a universal perspective, and not limited to a specific path or dogmas. 


 Unveil your true self! Unleash your potential! Gain power and wisdom!

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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

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